Here are our frequently asked questions. (FAQ)

  • How long will it take to get my purchases?

Our Production time is roughly 4-8 weeks for most standard props and helmets. Shipping depends on the package destination. Waiting times can be extended in cases of high demand or production difficulties. 

  • Does 1313 Props ship international?

    Yes! We can ship to most European Countries, Canada, and Australia. *NOTE* Expect higher shipping prices for International.
  • What is the products made out of?

    All of our products are 3D Printed using PLA Filament, sometimes reenforced with fiberglass resin.
  • Do you sell your 3D files / Models?

    No we do not. Our 3D files are our own property. We do not use others files either.
  • What can I purchase from 1313 Props?

    We are currently only selling blaster props and other weaponry, but we are already in the works to include items like armor sets and helmets, as well as branching into other universes props and armor. We are also planning on expanding into a number of accessories of many worlds.
  • What quality should I expect from anything purchased from 1313 Props?

    We offer above-average quality for a cheaper price than other sources.
  • Our Props are sturdy enough to handle common cosplay situations, but should not be used in any overly aggressive manner.
  • Our Armor/Helmets are made for cosplay purposes only, it will not save you from an actual bullet or sword strike.

What is 1313 Props?

1313 Props LLC is a cosplay production company intended to provide a wider market of cosplayers, an avenue to explore the world of cosplay they would otherwise not be able to.

1313 Props LLC is fully licensed and registered through the State government as a Limited Liability Company.